About ITA


Under the leadership of our Mayor and elected officials, the Information Technology Agency (ITA) works with agencies and departments across the City of Los Angeles to develop world-class IT infrastructure and applications that provide our citizens, businesses, and visitors with the digital services they expect from a leading global city.  

In an era of transformative technology, the opportunities have never been greater to improve the lives of L.A. residents, businesses, and tourists through digital means.  In fact, Angelenos demand that we provide them information and services digitally.  The ITA recognizes this demand and our unique role as technology leaders in L.A. government.  

Our efforts to keep Los Angeles at the forefront of government accessibility, reliability, and innovation have been acknowledged.  L.A. has been globally recognized among industry leaders in the use of digital technologies to deliver services and publish data for transparency and utility.  Over the last few years, the City of Los Angeles has earned over two dozen national technology awards.  

But for all of our accomplishments, our City still remains far from the ultimate vision of becoming a fully digital and connected city.  That’s why the Information Technology Agency is committed to provide “Responsive, Responsible, and Excellent Technology” (see PDF iconITA Strategic Plan 2017-18 for details).  

ITA facts at-a-glance:

  • The City of Los Angeles is a world-class city that endeavors to be fully digital and connected to improve the lives of 4 million residents, 45 million tourists and 97,000 businesses.

  • The Information Technology Agency (ITA) comprises ~450 IT professionals in 18 divisions delivering 366 different technology services.

  • The ITA believes the single most important success factor is an in-depth understanding of our customers.

  • Depending on the ITA service, our customers are: internal within L.A. government, residents/businesses, transitory, or a targeted population.

  • The ITA has 10 areas of focus that Empower L.A.’s Workforce, Serve L.A.’s Residents, Businesses, and Visitors & Transform L.A.’s operations.

  • ITA’s vision is to become a best-in-class technology department that demonstrates Responsive, Responsible, and Excellent Technology.

  • ITA’s vision is delivered through:

    • IT Services (“what we do”)
    • IT Projects (“what we build”)

    • IT Metrics (“how well we do it”)