State Legislation & Current Law

Prior to 2006, the City of Los Angeles had 14 cable television franchise areas that were served by three incumbent cable operators; Time Warner had approximately 600,000 subscribers, Cox had approximately 10,000 subscribers, and Charter had less than 60 subscribers. The City had provided cable television franchising regulatory authority of its cable television operators for over 30 years. Through City-issued franchises and enforcement of relevant ordinances, the City oversaw these cable television operators in the areas of consumer services and financial payments to the City, technical compliance with all local, state and federal laws, and Public, Educational, and Governmental (P.E.G.) Access support.

In 2006, the California Public Utilities Code was amended under state law and ceded the City's cable television franchising rights to the California Public Utilities Commission. In 2007 and 2008, Verizon and AT&T began operating in the City.

Currently, the City’s incumbent cable and video TV providers are AT&T, Charter/Spectrum, Cox Communications, Frontier, and Race Communications.

State law provides for the collection of revenue franchise and P.E.G. fees from the incumbent cable operators and from the telecommunications companies that offer video television services within the City's limits.

Franchise Certificates issued by the California Public Utilities Commission

Cox Communications
Race Communications

Assembly Bill No. 2987 (DIVCA)

L.A. City Ordinance No. 178108 (Pursuant to AB 2987 - DIVCA)